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What is a good beginners song ?


I have listed some guide points for choosing a good beginners song.

The best songs for acoustic guitar are those that are simply acoustic guitar with vocal. Unplugged or acoustic versions can be a good starting point for material.This removes the clutter created by other instruments in the arrangement and makes it easy to focus only on the guitar.

For a full version of a song, that is all the instruments drums bass etc. It is not possible to recreate this on one guitar. There are two choices.

Playing the exact guitar part. Exactly as it is played note for note on the recording. This can be a disappointment if the guitar part is small or complimentary.

An arrangement of the song for guitar. Sounds like the song but maybe in a different key and not sound like the recording.

Two different things.

Number of chords less is easier. Beatles average 8 1/2 per song. Realistically 3 or 4 chords is best for starters. If the chords repeat in the same order this is even better.

Strumming is easier than picking.

Singing makes all the differrence.It does nedd to great or even in tune. (listen to anything by Bob Dylan) It makes the song sound complete and helps you to understand song structure.

Straight forward rhythm. Faith George Michael simple chord complicated guitar rhythm bad choice. Jam thats entertainment much easier.
Electric guitar Riffs are good as the song is identifiable instantly but one guitar doth not make Led Zeppelin.