I teach this type of banjo 



This is the Five string Resonator or open back. The standard tuning is open G in what is called reentrant tuning. Where the strings are not ordered from the lowest pitch to the highest pitch (or vice versa).


Banjo Players at the beginners level will either be on their first instrument or converting from guitar.



The unusual elements of the banjo for beginners and convertees is the string order and the short high g string and getting used to finger and thumb picks.

For convertees the standard banjo tuning is open G gDGBD. The last four strings you may recognise from open G tuning on the guitar .


The styles I teach are the scruggs style and the melodic (keith ) style . In terms of repertoire I really like to start with songs you may already know and gradually introduce bluegrass and banjo standards. The starting point will be the rolls on the right hand then basic chords and single line melodies then solo banjo pieces.